Escape Game Reims Enigma

The escape game

Do you want to live an extraordinary experience?

Play with family or friends at Enigma Reims

The concept: escape game, what is it?


60 minutes

Get locked in a room and try to get out of it in 60 minutes by completing your mission.


How to play ?

Solve puzzles, use logic, be intuitive, look for hidden objects and when you get stuck ask for a clue…


Mystery and secrets

Be a cross between Sherlock Holmes and a master thief and rise to the challenge!

Get a change of scenery, lock yourself in!

Book online or by phone for the same day.

+33 (0)7 83 55 63 54


Plan about 1h30-2h for the Enigma Reims experience (including the briefing, the game, the photo shoot).


2-3 players

30€ per person

4 players

25€ per person

5-7 players

20€ per person

+7 players

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Team building

For groups of +20 people

Enigma offers team building activities for large groups and companies to strengthen the bonds between team members by solving puzzles and challenges.

Team building
Team building a reims Enigma


Do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone : +33 (0)7 83 55 63 54

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